When Turtle was born we were so happy to have
another little white snowflake.
At 2 weeks of age she was so fat, that she was not able
to turn from back to the belly and looked like a turtle,
so we decided to call her TURTLE.
In shortest time she fullfinishe her JR-CH Title.

Junior Champion VDH
CH Culture of Bulls Landons Courage CH Jack Jolly Joker is Kibuciu CH Big Bull`s Jolly Joker
Danela Mar`ss Is Kibuciu
Caprise Lexsuss Is Kibuciu Lexsuss Kumir Korn Is Kibuciu
Jully Jolly Joker Is Kibuciu
Just Braveheart Zoya my Snowflake Highlord Eragon U Know To Love Till Crazyness
Shakira von Teufelhöhle
Just Braveheart Sugar and Spice CH I´m the One von Teufelhöhle
CH Apache Kachina Doll

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